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  • 23-May-2022
  • 17-May-2022 to 22-May-2022
    • Chiko & Roko:
      • Seller
      • Seller Blue
      • Seller Pink
      • Seller Black
      • Seller Metalic
      • Scarecrow
      • Chiko E.T
      • Chiko E.T Black
      • Roko Gamer By Skill Labs
      • Gaze Roko
      • Monsters - Zombie
      • Chiko Luno Blue
      • Chiko Luno Green
      • Chiko Luno
      • Chiko Luno Swift
      • Chiko Luno Original
      • Chiko Luno Black
      • Chiko Luno Speed
  • 14-May-2022 to 16-May-2022
    • Chiko & Roko: No daily toy
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Interesting NFT

Please go to NFT section
Projects include:
  1. Chiko & Roko.

  2. PolyFlip

  3. The Poker Faces Club

  4. Hungry Sausages

Crypto Accounts

The following accounts are useful for investing NFT

  1. MetaMask (ETH, Polygon, Chrome Extension) -
  2. Coinbase -
  3. Coinbase NFT Marketplace -
  4. Solflare (Solana, use Chrome or download mobile app) -
  5. Phantom (need to use Chrome) -
  6. OpenSea NFT Marketplace -
I recommend MetaMask for ETH and MATIC. It's useful for Opensea as well
You will have to add the following RPC:

Polygon / MATIC
Go to
Scroll to the bottom and click "Add Polygon Network"

You can also add it manually as follow:
Network Name: Polygon
New RPC URL: or or or
ChainID: 137
Symbol: MATIC
Block Explorer URL:

For opensea: In Metamask Polygon add token wETH - Address: 0x7ceb23fd6bc0add59e62ac25578270cff1b9f619
For opensea: In Metamask Polygon add token wMATIC - Address: 0x0d500b1d8e8ef31e21c99d1db9a6444d3adf1270
In Metamask Polygon add token QuickSwap (QUICK) - Address: 0x831753dd7087cac61ab5644b308642cc1c33dc13
For CyberYetis NFT: In Metamask Polygon add token FROST - Address: 0x4F4aE19018DCFacac87A79E2291b03bD08824B91
In Metamask Polygon add token Pugcoin (PGC) - Address: 0x9C62B5079e994165d8BC7A12b46Be079047dA5C7
In Metamask Polygon add token Peach Coin (PCHI) - Address: 0x3311Ea247878D0Fb980c8910eA811Daa1e9dA1D8
For Polyflip NFT: In Metamask Polygon add token PolyFlip $FLIP (FLIP) - Address: 0x6fdba1a4f28d7077cfd3080f70c13020bc5b5865

For Network Name: Cronos
ChainID: 25
Symbol: CRO
Block Explorer URL:

Go to
Connect to Metamask
Add Network
Add DAI token

Transfer Token:

Binance Smart Chain
MetaMask BSC - add 0x9299c132c34e691edea58102d276a61a0a622dbd for MRC

Free Crypto Currencies

  1. Etherum ETH - Crypto POP -
  2. Etherum ETH - Earn Free Ethereum -
  3. BTC ETH BNB etc - Fire Faucet -
  4. BTC ETH BNB etc - CoinFaucet -
  5. MATIC -
  6. MRC -

For CoinFaucet, after my analysis, the best choice is DigiByte (DGB).
Btw sometimes it needs a few times in order to pass the Captcha.

For Firefaucet, I think the best choice is NANO.

Social Media accounts

For NFT, these social media accounts are must have

  1. Twitter -
  2. Discord -

Bank Account

Since some traditional banks don't like Crypto transactions, to avoid the main account being blocked. I recommend people to setup an account with ZA Bank.
Another good thing about ZA Bank is that it has a debit card which can be used to buy crypto in many crypto exchanges.
And since it's a debit card, it will only use up to the account balance. Since there are a lot of hackers in crypto / NFT circle, I recommend you to transfer money to that account only when you are going to use that amount in near future.

  1. ZA Bank -

Crypto Exchanges

Here are some popular Crypto Exchanges for buying crypto currencies. Since it will take a few days for the KYC process, please set up the account earlier if you plan to mint any NFT as minting normally requires crypto currencies.

  1. Binance -
  2. -
  3. AAX -

Crypto Currencies DEX

  1. Uniswap - polygon -
  2. QuickSwap -
  3. SushiSwap -


The following game requires MetaMask connection
  1. Flip Coin - have chance to win some MATIC -


  1. moonpay buy from fiat using HK Credit Card - 4.5%

Gas Tracker

When doing NFT / Crypto Currency transaction, you will need to pay a transaction fee (a.k.a. Gas Fee), you can check the gas fee in the following trackers.
You can check before doing a transaction to aviod high gas fee
  1. MATIC - Polygon -
  2. ETH -
  3. Binance -


4 May 2022 - is fake! Don't connect!
Details of the scam: click here

If you got anything free from, be ware not to connect to its contract. You must not approve it!
Source: Reddit
Someone sent me some to my wallet, luckily I saw the in Reddit before I connect to its contract.